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How to Create a Better Patient Experience While Saving Time

How to Create a Better Patient Experience While Saving Time

The consumerization of healthcare is creating more and more competition among medical practices. Therefore, creating a great patient experience is becoming increasingly more important. Patients are sharing their reviews via word of mouth and online, and patients are now googling your practice before ever walking in your door. Creating a better patient experience is necessary to staying competitive.

We know you’re busy and overworked and don’t have any extra time. But what if we told you that you could improve your patient experience while also saving time? Here’s our top 4 tips on just how to do that.


Automate your patient communication

Your staff is spending up to 40% of their work day on the phone. Between rescheduling appointments, reminding patients of upcoming appointments, and attempting to schedule referrals, keeping up with patient communication is costing you a ton of time and money.

By automating your patient communication, you not only save time, but you also empower your patients to take part in their own care. Our Appointment Reminder Service, which automates your patient appointment reminders, can cut no-shows by more than 50%.

At Luma Health, our goal is to save you time while helping automate some of your most important communication processes. We work with many of the leading EMRs and PMs to offer automated waitlists, cancellation management, appointment confirmation texts, referral management, patient recall, and more.


Give patients access to a patient portal

A patient portal is a secure online website that gives your patients easy, unlimited access to their personal health information from anywhere. It provides patients with the convenience they want. And it allows you, the provider, to enhance your patient-provider communication, thereby creating a better overall patient experience.

A patient portal empowers patients to stay involved in their healthcare. It also provides all of their medical records to them with one easy click. So, not only is your patient happier, but your staff saves time.

If you’re evaluating patient portals for your practice, be sure to consider these 5 questions.


Make communication a priority

Creating a great patient experience begins with great communication. And great patient communication begins before a patient ever visits your office and doesn’t end once they’ve left. Making communication a priority not only creates a better patient experience, but it also saves you a lot of time.

When you stay one step ahead of your patients, you can avoid unnecessary delays down the road, which would inevitably cost you even more time. By making patient communication a priority, you can also ensure you have processes in place to automate communication that normally consumes a ton of valuable staff time: appointment reminders, notifying patients of delays on the day of their appointments, post-appointment follow up with patients.


Allow patients to reschedule their own appointments

One of the most common reasons patients call in is to reschedule an appointment. This costs your staff a ton of time. By automating your waitlist, and allowing patients to reschedule their own appointment, you save time and make your patient experience easier and more enjoyable. We can automate the entire process and make it easy for your patients to reschedule right from their phone, via text message.


Ready to create a better patient experience while saving time? Get started with Luma Health today! Luma Health works with many of the leading EMRs and PMs, offering automated waitlists, cancellation management, appointment confirmation texts, referral management, patient recall, and more. We save you time and money so you can do more of the things that really matter.


Lauren Frontiera helps manage social media and content creation at Luma Health. When she’s away from her computer, you can find her adventuring outdoors or indulging in her love of cooking.

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