How Luma Health Powers COVID-19 Vaccination Programs at Leading Health Systems

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Vaccinating 330 million Americans against COVID-19 is not an easy task.

Health systems across the country must assess their people, processes, and technology to develop and implement scalable COVID-19 vaccination programs. There are many variables to consider, but the most important determinant of success is how fast health systems can implement strategic patient engagement and mass scheduling at scale.

Coordinating and communicating vaccine eligibility, access, and scheduling is a gargantuan task. Which is why we launched our Vaccine Operations Solution — to help healthcare providers like you with a comprehensive platform to guide your patients through your vaccination workflows.

Read the Press Release announcing the launch of our COVID-19 Vaccine Operations Solution here.

We’ve partnered early with 10 large and innovative health systems, including Montefiore Health Systems, Banner Health, Zufall Health, Salud Health Centers, and Ryan Health, to help them roll out their vaccination campaigns. In addition, our Vaccine Operations Solution is also live on NYC’s COVID-19 Vaccine Finder.

At Luma Health, we have designed a simple, customizable, and easily deployable platform that can work to leverage your strengths and navigate through your limitations. Our objective is to help organizations like yours succeed by engaging your patients quickly, and at scale, through the vaccination process.

Getting ready to deploy your COVID-19 vaccine program? Make sure to check out our Vaccination Readiness Checklist here.

Here’s how we helped three of the nation’s most innovative health systems to launch their COVID-19 vaccination programs.

1. When Banner Health was designated as a COVID-19 Vaccine Help Center and had to get a workflow ready immediately for healthcare workers in five states, Luma Health helped them set up a workflow in less than 48 hours.

In only three weeks of launch, Banner Health sent out 100k messages, streamlined the operations of 70K vaccine appointments, and achieved an 87% vaccine intake form completion rate using Luma Health, directly integrated into Cerner.

2. Montefiore Medical Center’s call lines were overwhelmed with inbound requests from patients seeking COVID-19vaccinations. They needed an automated system to verify patient eligibility before scheduling them for their doses.

Within a week of launch, Montefiore drastically reduced inbound calls by sending over 53K automated messages to its patients, using Luma Health. The solution proved scalable, enabling Montefiore to book 10 appointments per minute directly within Epic during peak times.

3. Ryan Health, a large multi-site Manhattan based federally qualified healthcare system, faced a similar issue with an overwhelming number of patients calling in, seeking the vaccine.

Luma Health developed a simple workflow for Ryan Health in less than 24 hours. Within a week, 100% of their vaccine appointment slots were filled in eClinicalWorks, including completion of 34K intake forms.

“With entire communities needing vaccinations faster than healthcare providers can manage, vaccine operations need to be streamlined and enhanced while reducing the burden on call centers and providers.”

Farooq Ajmal, Chief Information Officer of Ryan Health

So why did these health systems choose Luma Health for their vaccine operations?

Three things:

  1. Seamless simplicity throughout the vaccination journey, both for the patient and the provider. 
  2. Flexibility and ease of customization, to align with your workflows and capabilities.
  3. Rapid deployment at scale.

Here is a 90-sec overview of how it works:

Along with building a robust vaccine solution, we have been equally invested in creating a range of resources to enable healthcare providers to quickly deploy their vaccination strategy. These resources are built like templates– that you can use right away, irrespective of whether you choose Luma Health’s platform for your vaccine operations or not. Our ultimate goal is to help as many patients and providers as possible- irrespective of the technology choice you make (although we’d love to have you).

Click here to download a library of sample messages that providers can send to their patients at each point in the vaccination journey.

Because, in the end, it’s all about delivering on our promise. The KLAS Patient Engagement Report 2020 said that we’d rather under promise and over deliver – which means we execute what we say we will. And, we want to stay true to that promise and help you navigate this behemoth of a challenge, together!

One last word that I wanted to leave you with is that there are a thousand vendors out there claiming they know everything that is required to build sustainable COVID-19 vaccination programs. But what your staff and patients need right now, as we navigate through the biggest healthcare challenge faced by our generation, is consistency across each and every touchpoint across the vaccination journey.

Towards that, make sure you choose a solution that:

  1. Offers a system to deal with the torrent of inbound requests from patients seeking the vaccine, as the media continue to report more nationwide vaccine shortages.
  2. Deploys a high-volume, contactless patient registration system to facilitate eligibility screening and intake for thousands of patients.
  3. Automates appointment  scheduling and reminders using a high-velocity, low-staff-overload system, including booster doses
  4. Streamlines logistics to reduce operational burden at the vaccination site
  5. Minimizes manual work when coordinating post vaccination care follow ups

To learn more about how to implement our Vaccine Operations Solution at your practice, request a personalized consultation.

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