How A Gastro Specialty Clinic Discovered $64K Of Lost Revenue In One Month

Would you ever think a 5 percent growth in scheduled appointments could lead to a five-figure jump in revenue? In one month? The GI Specialists of Georgia couldn’t see it — at first. But the specialty GI clinic realized it pretty soon when it recovered $64,000 in lost revenue with the help of some of Luma’s awesome features.

The clinic beat the odds in the field of GI specialty care — and had a 30x ROI to show for it.

Wait, Our Clinic Is Actually Losing Patients?

Did you know that 50 percent of colonoscopy referrals don’t show up because of scheduling challenges? Yup. 50 percent. That means as many as half your potential patients don’t even make it through your doors.

To put this number in perspective, take the number of colonoscopy referrals you get every month. Now double that number (which is what you get if 100 percent of your referrals showed up). What’s worse is that 25 percent of patients say they “give up” on scheduling, citing paperwork and telephone issues.

At Luma, we want GI specialty clinics to see their patients easily. Something like scheduling challenges — what we consider a quick fix — shouldn’t be the barrier that stops doctors from seeing patients. Just ask the GI Specialists of Georgia. They saw a 99 percent drop in phone cancellations and a 22 percent drop in no-shows.

“We had a sense our cancellation rate was going down, but actually seeing a corresponding increase in revenue for our clinic made it super real for us.”

Beverley Claborn, Practice Administrator at GI Specialist of Georgia

Smooth Procedures & Follow-Up. Easy-Peasy.

One source says that anxiety before endoscopies is one of the reasons some endoscopies don’t turn out so well. You may have a stellar staff and all the right equipment, but have you ever wondered what else you could do to keep patients at ease?

Turns out, poor communication is at the root of your patient’s pre-procedure jitters (it’s also the reason for bad follow-up rates after endoscopies). Ease patients’ anxiety by sending them everything they need to know to prep themselves for the procedure. And we’re not talking snail mail — we’re all about mobile reminders (texts have a 99 percent open rate, after all).

These customized, actionable messages (“Custom Actions”) help you fill the gaps where communication is needed most — pre-op instructions, lab results, follow-up care reminders…you name it.

If you’re looking to improve your telehealth offering, this on-demand webinar shares some best practices.

Better Communication Drives Higher MIPS Scores. How?

MACRA rewards you when patients get their Age Appropriate Colonoscopy Screenings. Using Luma’s Custom Actions, send automated messages when your patient is almost due for their next screening. With Luma’s customized, automated messages, hands-free reminder systems and have never been easier.

Leaving your patient’s follow-up to chance could mean fewer patients you get to see. Staying proactive with the right communication can mean more revenue for your GI practice, too.

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