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Customer Spotlight: SleepQuest

Customer Spotlight: SleepQuest

Founder of SleepQuest, Robert Koenigsberg, struggles with sleep apnea, and his dissatisfaction with available treatment options motivated him to start his company. With 4 locations based around the San Francisco Bay Area, SleepQuest supports 3,000 providers in empowering patients to manage their sleep apnea with a holistic and personalized approach.

Despite having such a wide reach, Sleep Analyst Michael Vanderlaan shared that SleepQuest still struggles with getting people to show up to their appointments. Read about how Luma’s text-based platform has helped SleepQuest get connected to more patients.

Q: What was your scheduling process like before Luma?

A: Prior to Luma, we were calling every single patient multiple times to remind them that they had an appointment to make sure they were still coming in. We did have a lot of issues with no shows in general. Then a lot of time making calls and being unable to get ahold of a patient, leaving a message and just hoping they’d show up. Until we reached out to provide that service to somebody else at the time.

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Q: Would you say that the confirmation and actionable reminders are your favorite tools?

A: Definitely. Although, we really like the referral tool as well, but the main reason we looked at Luma was for the preset appointment reminders. The referral tool is great because we’ve been able to automate the process of reaching out to patients who we’ve been unsuccessful at reaching during business hours and during our calls. So, that’s been great. We’ve definitely gotten a lot of feedback and response from patients who we couldn’t get ahold of before, who wouldn’t pick up our calls, but they’re responding to the text messages.

We’re getting a lot more patients respond back to our texts, rather than our calls. We’re able to have conversations and save services from being cancelled.

Q: How were you reaching patients before actionable reminders?

A: Previously we would make several attempts to contact the patients, and if we never got any response we would send off a letter telling them that we would be cancelling their order. We’d cancel it unless they responded to the letter and that service wouldn’t occur.

With the text responses, we’re getting a lot more patients responding back to that text, rather than to our calls and we’re able to have that conversation and save those services from being cancelled.

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Q: How are you enjoying Luma Next?

A: The second iteration of the product that came out, at least from a UI perspective, was a big improvement. The original product was great and worked, but it was a little difficult to move around the control panel for some of our users. So the Luma Next was a big step and much easier to navigate and find what people are looking for.

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