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You provide awesome treatment for your patients and they love you for it. But the problem is, they won’t leave your clinic a review. Your Google ranking is low, and your Yelp page hasn’t had much activity, either. Our friends at Sanova Dermatology share how Luma Health helped them with these problems.

Matt Nachreiner knows what that feels like to a tee. As the Director of Operations and Marketing at Sanova Dermatology, Matt knows how online reviews can boost a clinic’s authority and searchability on the web. Based in Austin, Sanova Dermatology is a system of clinics with five locations (and counting!). To keep their reputation high, Matt knew he had to find a way to get more patients to leave reviews.

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Enter Luma Health. So, what were the challenges you faced with online reviews before Luma?

There were a few challenges. One of them was figuring out how to automate the whole process, which we didn’t succeed in doing. We also had to use some other online customer feedback form we created ourselves. That wasn’t very useful and it made us put in more work since we had to manually send the forms to patients.

There also wasn’t any a way for us to integrate our online review forms to online review sites. For example, Luma’s has a way of filtering feedback requests we send patients through text. Only the best-rated reviews get redirected to the review sites. If a patient has a negative experience, the Luma portal doesn’t redirect the patient to an online review site. This helps us fix any problems internally before they make it out to the web.

It’s a phenomenal plug-and-play type thing that boosted our Google rankings tremendously.

How has automated feedback helped you save time?

It saves us so much time, for starters. We had to be hands-on and manage our review pages a lot more before since we didn’t have this automatic filtering system built into Luma.

In just seven months, we’ve had 90 more reviews on Google. That activity has boosted our search rankings tremendously.

What about your online reviews? How’re they looking now?

We started using Luma back in February 2017. On Google, we had around 46 reviews back then. Now, we’re up to 136 reviews. That means we had 90 more reviews in seven months on Google alone. All of that activity on our Google page boosted our search ranking tremendously, too.

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Now imagine a world where Luma didn’t exist. What would your day be like?

It’d be much more manual work. We’d need more staff to send reviews to patients. We’d also wouldn’t be able to address any negative feedback properly.

And today, most practices can’t get very far without strategic online review management. After all, patients want to know we’re being transparent. It’s the least we can give them with Luma.

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