Customer Spotlight: Pulmonary & Sleep Associates of Alabama

Customer Spotlight: Pulmonary & Sleep Associates of Alabama

Located in the heart of Birmingham, Pulmonary & Sleep Associates of Alabama is a bustling clinic that services nearly fifty patients a day. Before pairing with Luma, keeping track of their referrals was a time-consuming and occasionally frustrating task—patients were tough to reach, voicemails went unanswered, stacks of office files grew to unwieldy heights.

Searching for a smoother and more innovative way of running her office, administrator Jennifer Neal decided to give Luma Health a try. The rest is history.

Q: What were the biggest issues you faced that Luma Health helped resolve?

It was booking patients, without a doubt. Before Luma, scheduling patients directly often meant having stacks of records and faxes, calling up patients two or three times, leaving messages and hoping they call back. Luma keeps track of that entire process. Helping us remain organized is one of the reasons Luma is so attractive to us.

Not only are patients able to confirm with a text, which is much simpler than our previous EMR (Electronic Medical Records) system, but now we’re more proactive about notifying referring doctors about patients we weren’t able to contact.

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Q: How has Luma’s innovative feedback feature affected your office?

That’s another feature we love. Very simply, we needed a way to get patient feedback. Two hours after patients leave, they now receive a text message asking if they would refer their friends and family to Pulmonary & Sleep Associates of Alabama. We’ve gotten very positive feedback thanks to Luma.

Q: So, before Luma, would you have to rely on patients to write a review on sites like or Facebook to receive feedback?

That’s right. It was more difficult. Remember, having patient feedback is mandatory under MIPS (Merit-Based Incentive Payment System) and Luma gave us a very easy way of meeting that requirement.

“The feedback that we’re now able to receive because of Luma Health has greatly encouraged our staff. It’s changed the morale here!”

Q: Has the feedback feature had a tangible effect on your office’s day-to-day routine?

We’re psycho about getting feedback—although, in a good way! If anyone gets under a seven, we address it. We review the feedback with the doctors, the nurse practitioner, our entire staff. We are all so crazy about making our clinic better. The feedback actually encourages my staff. It’s changed the morale here a little bit!

Q: Really? In what ways?

The staff really put in that extra effort when they realized every patient would have the opportunity to relay the experience of their visit. Every day, it encourages all of us to remain focused and diligent and kind.

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Q: Has Luma Health freed up time or allowed you to focus on other projects?

Oh, absolutely! Before Luma, we tracked everything manually. The routine of reaching patients took a lot of energy and hours. Luma saves us so much time. We easily track and produce reports on patients and referring physicians. Ninety percent of the time we reach out to a patient, they call us now.

Luma has helped us save time and money in the end. It’s given us an avenue to meet our “practice improvement measures” with MIPS. We engage patients better, receive constructive feedback and, in the end, get a lot of positive reinforcement.

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