Customer Spotlight: California Sleep Solutions

Customer Spotlight: California Sleep Solutions

Having a sleep disorder is no joke. Problems with sleep affect us on a deep level, throwing our natural rhythms out of whack. California Sleep Solutions checks all the boxes for a well-run practice. To keep the patients comfortable, they have cozy hotel room-like sleep labs, a well-informed staff, and constant communication to ensure success.

In charge of marketing and patient services is Krystyna Castle. Part of Krystyna’s job is doing patient follow up to make sure all is going smoothly. Checking in on patients is pivotal to a successful practice, and why California Sleep Solutions now have six facilities across California.

Cancellations are annoying! Has the Waitlist feature helped fill some of your appointments?

Typically in the morning, I would go to the Waitlist. I would say that that feature is really helpful. We try and get our patients in sooner rather than later just because there tends to be – the doctors like to have their results sooner rather than later. So, throughout the day when we get cancellations, the people on the Waitlist get them as well which is really helpful.

Is there a Luma feature that you find yourself using the most?

The Feedback portion–one of the things that I do is that if anybody that scores us below an 8 on our experience, I’m calling them to follow up and see what it is that we can improve on and see what it is that made them feel that they didn’t have the most positive experience. I think I utilize that the most. 

You are a mentioned you are a referral based facility. How have your patients liked the Referral texting feature?

Typically, people do enjoy the easiness of having the texting feature.  But we do have a lot of patients that ask “Can you just text me?” and before we’d say, “Well, we don’t do that, but we can send you an email.”, and now it’s a feature that we have, which has been helpful. 

We try and be accessible as possible. Were you able to speak to any of our customer support team?

I would say it’s always me that pretty much handles any issues or anything that we want to fix or change with Luma as far as the features goes.   I always have a really quick response when I email them. I pretty much have the longest email chain ever with you guys – because we’re constantly trying to add or change features. It’s just been super helpful. I always get an immediate response and I always get the nicest rep helping me. It’s been a positive experience!

What kind of feedback have you been getting over the course of the year? Has it increased?

Absolutely. Our Google reviews are amazing right now and it’s because the majority of our past year – our positive feedback platform that is attached to Luma, and that is amazing to see. And we just switched it over to our Yelp account, and it’s really great. I love to share the positive feedback with our staff here just so they know we are doing something right. 🙂

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