Customer Spotlight: Access Wellness Group

We understand how frustrating it can be to have a bunch of cancellations in your schedule. They kill productivity and can be costly. Bill Nolan, the clinical director and president of Access Wellness Group, understands, too. With more than twenty years as a licensed marriage and family therapist, Bill knows the scheduling frustrations that come with running your own practice.

Access Wellness Group has 800-1000 appointments monthly, but with high cancellation rates and no-shows, the practice was looking for an effortless way to fill those gaps.

No-shows and cancellations are pretty awful. What exactly were you doing to fill those gaps in your schedule?

We had a guy that called people manually every morning. He’d go through the entire schedule for the day, but he’d reach people’s voicemails around 50 percent or more of the time. But we noticed pretty quickly that no one really answers the phone anymore. It was really hard to get in touch with patients and keep them engaged.

Even with the automated system we tried out before Luma, we were still missing something that would fill in those cancellation gaps when they happened. This was key.

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What about your waitlist—how did you manage that?

Post-it notes. It wasn’t effective, though. Providers had their own individual lists, but there wasn’t any efficient way of integrating those lists with the front desk staff. There was no way to see who was looking at which list.

Here’s when Luma Health saved the day. How did your staff respond to Luma’s ability to automatically fill in those gaps?

Oh, they’re really pleased with it. They love that with Luma, they feel like they’re doing everything they can from the healthcare provider’s end in getting in touch with their patients. It feels like every base is covered with Luma.

They also like that they have the flexibility with sending 7-day, 2-day and even 2-hour reminders (!).

That 2-hour reminder is gold. More often than not, patients usually needed that reminder because they simply forgot and lost track of time that day.

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It sounds like we’re a favorite in your practice. Do your patients feel the same way?

Oh, they like it a lot. I mentioned before that people don’t answer their phones, and they don’t check their voicemail. It’s just the reality. But people like text messaging.

Overall, patients have praised the text messaging and the responsiveness has been awesome.

People don’t answer their phones, and they don’t check their voicemail. It’s just the reality. But people like text messaging, and the responsiveness has been awesome.

Imagine a world where Luma didn’t exist. What would your day be like?

Honestly, it would suck.

There’d be so many holes in the schedule and our providers would complain. In a practice like ours where the providers are on contract as opposed to salaried, they’re really motivated to maintain an efficient workflow.

Luma helps fill those gaps so our providers see more patients.

And what about your cancellations now?

Our cancellation rate hasn’t changed much, but the way they’re managed has changed a lot: the cancellations happen, but nearly all of them get filled with Luma.

And that makes all the difference.

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