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Online Scheduling with Luma Health: Coming Soon


A recent survey showed that almost 50% of hospital/healthcare CEOs rank patient satisfaction as a top three concern for their health care system. In a day and age when people are used to using their phone to book a restaurant reservation via OpenTable, then call a taxi via Uber, and rate their experience on Yelp, the health care experience is markedly falling short.

The average time a patient has to spend on the phone to get an appointment is 8 minutes, which is well below the average in other industries. Making appointments via phone call is not only time consuming for both patients and staff, but it’s ineffective.

So, what’s the fix? Online scheduling.

It’s predicted that by 2019, 64% of appointments will be booked digitally.

Currently, there are many online scheduling companies out there, however not within healthcare. There’s a need for effective online scheduling within healthcare that makes scheduling accessible and thus, allows patients to easily book appointments. While the current service options are optimized to ease the workflow for the clerical and administrative staff by reducing incoming phone calls, they leave much to be desired in regards to improving the patient experience.

At Luma Health, we’re addressing this issue and are answering the questions many of you are already asking:

Has the service been optimized for the best patient experience? Does it suffice to list every single available appointment? Is that what the patient wants? How about accommodating the needs of a large percentage of patients who use their phone but don’t have a data plan? What is the average time it takes to book an appointment? How many patients are overwhelmed and leave your booking app? What happens if the patient needs to ask a quick question in the process?

Online scheduling will soon become the default, instead of what differentiates you from other clinics. But why settle for just having a mediocre booking experience?

We are rethinking the online scheduling process to make it as simple and easy from the patient’s perspective in order to drive patient satisfaction. Practicing health care is hard but getting access to healthcare should not be.

We are in the process of building and soon releasing online scheduling. If you are interested in getting early access, email us at


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