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Eight Quotes from Luma Health Customers Who Are Transforming Patient Engagement

Luma Health customers are driving better outcomes for their patients, their staff, and their business. Here are eight quotes from 2018 that show how our customers are transforming patient engagement using Luma Health.

Alex Harris

Life at Luma

We’ve Raised Our Series A Round

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with U.S. Venture Partners (USVP) and raised our Series A round of $6.33 million, to connect more patients to the right care and the best healthcare outcomes quickly. We founded Luma Health three and a half years ago on the idea that it’s hard for patients to get in the front door of their doctor’s office. Patients wait three, four, up to five weeks for an appointment, yet most clinics have anywhere from a 10 – 25% cancellation and no show rate. When we started, that’s the problem we aimed to fix — match […]

Tashfeen Ekram, MD

Life at Luma, Product

New Partnership With VidScrip Automates Video Content Sharing Through EMR

There is no shortage of health information online. But none of it can replace the words of your own doctor, delivered at just the right time. For most patients, access to that level of engagement is hard to come by. We plan to fix that problem through our new partnership with Vidscrip. Healthcare providers who use Vidscrip to record answers to common questions can now have those videos automatically delivered to patients via Luma’s text message and HIPAA-compliant chat platform. The Luma Health platform uses triggers in the EMR to automate delivery of Vidscrips to patients at just the right moment […]

Ramesh Munnangi

Life at Luma, Product

Press Release: Luma Health Introduces Care Pathway Messaging to Eliminate Friction in Patient and Doctor Communications

Luma Health, the leader in smart patient-provider communications, today launched Care Pathway Messaging, new bot-enabled messaging and two-way communication capabilities that help power improved and timely care across a patient’s complete healthcare journey. Available now, Care Pathway Messaging is the latest addition to Luma Health’s industry-leading patient conversation platform that is used by thousands of healthcare providers to initiate care and guide patients to a healthier life through frictionless, highly engaging and directed communications. Clear and timely communication between patients and physicians is critical to keeping patients on track with their care. Breakdowns in that communication often result in missed […]

Luma Health

Life at Luma, Product

March 2018 Product Updates

We’ve just published the list of product updates that went live in Luma Health over the last month.  Here are a few quick highlights from March: New Custom Actions Page: We’ve redesigned the Custom Actions page to make it easier for you to quickly create a new workflow from scratch, from templates, or from existing actions. We’ve also added an option that allows you to see how many patients would be impacted by the action created. New Referrals Page: The Referrals page is now updated with more filters and search options, which makes it easy to quickly find and update […]

Aditya Bansod

Life at Luma

A Round-Up From This Month’s Conferences:

Adnan here, co-founder and CEO of Luma Health.  We just wrapped up conferences for the month and had a lot of fun with you at our speaking sessions.  I always find it important to see what others are working on, reading, and learning. And this year, I learned a lot from you guys. Here are some quick takeaways from HIMSS and AMGA (and my personal favorites) you may find valuable: Patients actually want to take control of their healthcare data. And in the long run, everyone wins.  From using mobile engagement tools to wearables, patients are actively choosing to be engaged with their care […]

Adnan Iqbal

Life at Luma, Product

Press Release: Luma Health Now Available for Allscripts Practice Management Users

Allscripts has certified Luma Health’s patient communication platform as part of the Allscripts Developer Program. Luma’s software enables Allscripts EHR users to automate patient-provider communication with text-first actions.

Mia Reyes

Life at Luma, Product

We’re finalists in the RWJF Choosing Care Challenge!

We’re developing a secure chatbot (pretty cool, huh?) that will collect information after an appointment to fully understand a patient’s health care needs and connect them with the right person - all via their phone!

Sarah Locati

Life at Luma, Product

New Product: Introducing Secure Chat

You save time and energy, and your patient gets an answer without having to pick up the phone and wait. It's a win-win.

Tashfeen Ekram, MD

Life at Luma, Product

Online Scheduling with Luma Health: Coming Soon

We are rethinking the online scheduling process to make it as simple and easy from the patient’s perspective in order to drive patient satisfaction.

Sarah Locati

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