Cardio Patients Have More Than 98% Medication Adherence With The Right Follow-Up

Have you ever wondered whether your patients are taking their meds on time? We have. And even though it’s a pipe dream for some cardiologists, we think getting your patients to stay up to speed with their medications is totally possible. But here’s what we found: 38 percent of cardiologists said they wanted to talk about medication adherence with their patients, but decided not to get into it. And providers claim their biggest obstacle is finding the time to do so.

Imagine what you could do for your patients if you had more time on your hands. Better yet, imagine what you could do if communicating that info was easier. You know, to relay the simple things — medication refills, regime changes, pre- and post-procedure care. All without having to do much work yourself.

We know patients sometimes forget self-care, so we’ve built a patient management platform that allows you to fill in the communication gaps.

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Chronic Care Management. We Got It.

Did you know 1 in every 3 adults have hypertension?

We know hypertension is a pretty big deal especially in specialty clinics that manage lots of chronic care problems. Around 76 percent of patients use antihypertensive meds, but only 54 percent have their condition controlled.

Don’t get us wrong — we know it’s not all that easy to cure chronic illnesses. But self-maintenance is super important when it comes to chronic disease management. And you can empower your patients to do just that by using Luma’s Custom Actions. These are customized, actionable messages that can encourage your patients to monitor their care.

Remember the 38 percent of doctors who didn’t have enough time to talk to patients about medication adherence? Well, Custom Actions could send a follow-up message after your patient’s appointment to cover that point.

Touching base with your patients has seriously never been easier.

Empowering Patients? We Got That, Too.

Not only is there a lot of non-compliance in cardiac care regimes, there’s also a lack of properly educating the patient on correct care coordination.

Let’s take a look at patients with heart failure, for example. A lot of them get rehospitalized for heart failure treatment because of poor transitional care programs. And teaching patients self-care is a key ingredient missing in them. This is pretty significant since educating patients is a given for stellar long-term care.

Actually, 31 percent of patients discharged after heart failure hospitalization couldn’t name one symptom of worsening heart failure that they were told to remember. The longer patients go without understanding their disease, the more likely they won’t be able to tell if their symptoms worsen.

Encouraging self-care with thorough follow-ups requires a few keyboard clicks on your part. Just imagine sending patients automated, customized messages on post-injury care so they understand how to manage the recovery process.

Messages to manage medication and care coordination works. We’re not kidding when we say it’s all possible. With Luma, after all, closing the care loop on your specialty cardio referrals is easier than you think.

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