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It’s been a year since COVID-19 changed everything. 2021 will be no different since it presents the next challenge of scheduling 330 million Americans for vaccine appointments to fight COVID-19 at scale– a significant milestone for this country that has seen over 16 million cases and more than 300,000 deaths to date.

With limited supplies, it’s necessary to distribute the vaccine rationally based on CDC guidelines. Manually calling patients to ask screening questions prior to booking an appointment is time-consuming and next to impossible for most clinics. Therefore, providers need an automated system that allows only eligible patients to schedule vaccine appointments.

Holy Cross Heath in Maryland had to cancel 2,000 vaccine appointments after ineligible people were able to sign up, due to lack of proper online screening tools!

Luma Health’s Mobile Patient Intake tools and customizable self-service screeners can digitize the process by sending screeners and forms directly to the patients’ mobiles, at scale, to collect relevant patient data and information, before scheduling them for their shots.

Check out this video of our COVID-19 Patient Self-Screening tool:

See how Luma Health’s Vaccine Operations Solution can help you operationalize your COVID-19 vaccine administration efforts. Download our solution sheet here.

Importance of Mobile Screening in COVID-19 Vaccination Workflows:

  • With so many people needing the vaccine, online screening questionnaires help triage patients for vaccine eligibility to remove unnecessary congestion at your scheduling system- phone lines, websites, or front desk.
  • By giving patients the freedom to complete relevant forms at their convenience, on any device, mobile screeners make the process more efficient, with minimal staff involvement.
  • With ever-changing CDC and state guidelines on COVID-19 vaccinations, digital screenings and forms allow clinics to update them in real-time.
  • With no clear policy from CMS on reimbursement for “wasted doses” given to “phase-ineligible patients,” mobile screening can help clinics protect their bottom lines by preventing ineligible patients from showing up at the clinic.
  • Online forms and screeners also help streamline data management by creating a central repository of records, speeding up processes, and reducing errors.
  • The move away from clipboards eliminates the need for physical exchange, which cuts down on COVID-19 spread.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Screening Workflows and Documentation Requirements

Luma Health’s Mobile Patient Intake tools and Custom Actions let you send patients a link to the Vaccine Eligibility Form using HIPAA compliant text or email, in 20+ languages.

  • Most providers pull data from their EHR systems to identify high-risk/eligible patients and send them online screeners through broadcast messages. Example:

You are at a higher risk of developing severe COVID related symptoms if you get infected. Vaccines in short supply, so please complete this screener ASAP to get started. [Link to vaccine eligibility form]

  • Clinics can also use Luma Health’s Custom Actions to set up auto-replies to patients inquiring about vaccine appointments that pick up on grouped keywords, like “COVID,” “vaccine,” “Moderna,” and “Pfizer.”  Example:

Thank you for texting about the COVID-19 vaccine. As quantities are limited, we are currently administering the vaccine in a phased manner per CDC guidelines. Please fill out this screener to find out if you are eligible. [Link to vaccine eligibility form]

  • After a patient meets the eligibility requirements, Luma Health can send automated text messages with scheduling links and other forms needed prior to appointment. Example:

Thank you. Please click here to schedule your COVID-19 vaccination appointment. We have a limited quantity of vaccines available, so please book your slot at the earliest.

Here are all the forms clinics need at this point:


Post Scheduling/Day of Administration:

Luma Health Makes It Easy to Build and Send Forms

Step 1: Building the Forms:

  • Access the form builder from the feature control tab on your Luma Health dashboard’s account settings.
  • Start by creating a custom welcome page (the first thing the patients see when they click the link from a message).
  • Build your form using multiple choice, dropdowns, text, and questions to collect PHI.
  • Score your forms by attaching points to each answer type, to assess patient eligibility based on total score.
  • Use image capture to let patients upload their insurance cards or driver’s license.
  • Add E-signature at the end of forms.

Step 2: Sending the Forms:

There are three ways to send out the screeners/forms.

  1. Bulk messages: Use broadcast messages to send screeners to a cohort of patients (using attribution lists).
  2. Automated Messages: Set up automated messages with form links to patients with scheduled vaccine appointments, using tags.
  3. One-on-one messages: Send out messages to specific patients from the collaboration hub (for example, when they have arrived in the waiting room without finishing a form, instead of handing them the clipboard).

There are settings available inside Luma Health to send auto-reminders if the patient started the form but did not complete it.

Managing Form Submissions for Vaccine Appointments:

Submitted forms can be accessed through the patient’s profile on the Luma Health platform, to see the results, download them, or print them.

Mobile based screeners and forms can also help to check for vaccine hesitancy. If an eligible patient does not complete the screener ever after repeated reminders, broadcast messages can be used to address concerns and quell fears.

Luma Health’s Vaccine Operations Solution can help you immediately launch a comprehensive plan to bring the vaccine to your patients and your community. If you want to know more about Luma Health’s patient engagement solution and our automated surveys, contact us.

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