Boosting Staff Productivity at Neurosurgery and Spine Consultants

We’ve loved how our Customer Spotlight series has allowed us to go in-depth with the people using Luma Health day-in and day-out. Through these chats, we’ve been able to learn so much more about our customers’ experience with our product, and had some fascinating takeaways.

Most recently, we caught up with Tina and Adriana from Neurosurgery and Spine Consultants! Tina is the Practice Administrator at NSC, located in San Antonio, and Adriana is the Director of Quality. They’ve been working with Luma Health for over a year now.

“Our customer success manager was very professional, supportive, and quickly helped us see the value in Luma Health.”

Tina, Practice Administrator at Neurosurgery and Spine Consultants

Why NSC Loves Luma

NSC was initially drawn to Luma Health because as the neurosurgery practice was growing, so was the amount of time the staff were spending on the phones. Administrative staff were constantly confirming and cancelling appointments in inefficient games of phone tag, eating up staff productivity time and making it more difficult to focus on the patient experience. Plus, she wanted to use a more sophisticated system for patient feedback that would allow the practice to collect more online reviews and therefore attract new patients.

Tina explained that the decision to switch from their previous solution to Luma Health’s patient engagement platform was easy, and that their customer success manager “was very professional, supportive, and quickly helped us see the value in Luma Health.”

Since starting with Luma Health, the top benefit that Neurosurgery and Spine Consultants has seen is a huge increase in staff productivity across the board. Luma Health is able to automate many of the tedious processes that staff would previously have to do manually, managing appointment confirmations and cancellations while sending automated reminders to patients. In turn, this allows the administrative staff to focus on making the practice more efficient as a whole. And as we all know, this translates to happier patients!

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Wait… Wait… Don’t Tell Me!

For NSC, the most impactful feature Luma Health offers has been our automated waitlist. Patients are able to easily add themselves to a waitlist if they’re looking for an earlier appointment. Then, when a spot opens up, our automated text messaging system contacts patients to fill the appointment. Once a patient confirms that they want the spot, their appointment is automatically booked — a piece of cake for both patients and healthcare administrators, and game-changing for medical clinics!

NSC’s newly-sophisticated waitlist now fills cancellations and no-shows that would’ve previously translated to lost revenue. Now, NSC is able to maximize the time slots on providers’ schedules, allowing providers to see far more patients daily, and boosting staff productivity. This drives patient access to care, increasing patient satisfaction and improving care outcomes, while simultaneously ensuring that the clinic isn’t missing out on opportunities for growth.

Seamless Patient Communication

Another one of the Luma Health features that has been crucial to NSC’s success has been the ability to send broadcasts out to groups of patients. Under the broadcast feature, NSC can send custom broadcasts to any segment of patients (e.g. new patients, those living in a specific area, etc.) with important updates such as office closures, flu shots, or weather events for which patients should be prepared. The broadcast messages can also be delivered in many different languages, allowing NSC to communicate with and engage with their patients in the language of the patient’s choice.

Broadcasts help easily patients stay connected with their provider, equipping them with the knowledge they need to stay healthy, aware, and well-informed. 

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Looking Ahead

Recently, NSC expanded their practice and added a new Physical Therapy department! This department has also integrated Luma Health’s software into their practices, giving them the necessary infrastructure and foundation that they need to grow and thrive. We’re excited to see what’s next for Neurosurgery & Spine Consultants and are thrilled to be partners on their journey!

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