A Personal Thank You To Our Customers Who Told KLAS Research That Luma Health Delivers

stylized graph showing luma health as a klas research standout vendor

Aditya here.

Building a patient engagement platform that positively impacts the lives of our customers and the patients they serve is hard.

It’s why the Luma Health team has to be curious and listen carefully – because we know we can’t build it alone. Thoughtful input must come from the people who work everyday to keep patients engaged and healthy, our customers.

But here’s the thing, It’s not often that customers get a chance to share what they really think about Luma Health without us in the room!

So when an Independent firm like KLAS Research publishes something like their annual Patient Engagement Platforms 2020 report, we feel a certain nervous excitement.

For us, it’s a bit like a report card on how we’ve done.

Our customers have spoken.

At Luma Health, we’d rather under promise and over deliver. We’ll execute what we say we will. 

To the customers that shared their Luma Health experience with our friends at KLAS Research, I want to say from myself and everyone at Luma Health, thank you!

I won’t rehash everything in the report, but I couldn’t resist sharing one image that I think captures a unique Luma Health disposition.

If you’d like to read our press release about the Patient Engagement Platforms 2020 report, you can find it here.

The disposition being we’d rather under promise and over deliver – which means we execute what we say we will.

What you told KLAS Research is that we’ve done a good job holding true to that promise. We have every intention of staying true to this disposition in the future!

Now, this post is certainly to share our excitement around the Klas Research report.

If you’re looking to improve your telehealth offering, this on-demand webinar shares some best practices.

But this post is really for the Lumanaries (Luma-naries).

Luminaries are the customers and Luma Health team members who, by working together, have made everything up to this point and what’s to come possible.

We’re proud to say we’ve heard you.

This is what you sound like:

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